Solid-State Relay: AC/DC

The ICSU-Series Solid-State Relay communicates DC and AC current up to 12A on a load with voltages spanning from 0 to 426V rms. Among the numerous advantages of these relays are:

very high commutation speed, MOSFET output

low On-State resistance, preventing the device from incurring a loss of power and overheating due to the very low power dissipation.

These relays are manufactured in standard industry and custom packages. The product line of ICS Solid-State Relays has better electrical, temperature and timing performances compared to leading solid-state relays on the market. This allows designers to effortlessly replace existing relays to achieve higher performance and reliability.

At the present time there are no other Universal Solid-State Relays with adequate par ameters existing on the electronic market.

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