Servo Drives: Upkeep

servo drives on a shelf

Servo Drives are an invaluable tool that receives feedback inputs to control the position or velocity of a mechanical load. It communicates with a servo motor to produce a motion appropriate to the command signal. It compares the real motor status with the command, making adjustments so they match. These drives come in digital, analog, or a combination of the two. Uses include CNC machining, robotics, and factory automation.

ICS offers repairs and replacements, but what are some steps you can take before getting to that point?

In all things, the best way to solve problems is to prevent them from happening in the first place– as much as possible, at least. While all machinery is subject to wear and tear over time, proper maintenance can maximize their longevity. There are a few simple steps you can take to keep your servo drives healthy:

  • Regularly clean and remove any debris using air compressor
  • Ensure proper shaft and screws alignment 
  • Maintain motor lubrication
  • Be sure to reset and test position accuracy 

The most frequent problem you can expect from a servo drive is diminished torque at low speeds. Potential causes of this include: 

  • degradation of a motor
  • ground problems
  • high load on the motor