Power Supply series TUFS-2000

How The TUFS-2000 Differs

Our engineers have finished the design of a new, intelligent power supply series called the TUFS-2000. Power supplies are an integral part in industrial machinery, providing support for the electrical load required for it to function. Typically, achieving a lot of power requires a large, bulky unit. As our loyal customers know, ICS is anything but a typical company.

We have achieved putting high output power in a surprisingly small package. This power supply contained 1.2kW in a package no more than 5 inches deep and 1 inch wide. Control for these units can be paralleled with the able to stack unlimited units together, combining the power they provide. Three units can produce 3 Phase 110VAC output. Stacked power supplies can be turned on and off automatically, depending on changing the power requirements on a load.

Purchasing a TUFS-2000

Units are ready for production. Simply inquire with our sales team to find out if one of these units

The TUFS-2000 series offers unmatched flexibility and scalability for various industrial applications. By integrating advanced control features, our power supply units ensure efficient energy management and optimal performance.

Our new power supply series stands out due to its compact design, high power density, and intelligent control capabilities. These features make the TUFS-2000 an ideal solution for industries looking to maximize space and efficiency without compromising on power output. Moreover, the ease of paralleling units allows for seamless scalability, making it easier to meet increasing power demands.

Whether you are in manufacturing, automation, or any other sector that relies on robust power solutions, the TUFS-2000 series will meet your requirements. By choosing ICS, you benefit from innovative technology and reliable performance. Contact our sales team today to learn more about how the TUFS-2000 power supply can transform your operations and provide the power support your machinery needs.

Invest in the future of power supply technology with the TUFS-2000 series, where high power meets compact design, and intelligence drives efficiency.