Helping Vandenberg AFB in California.

We’ve done it again: military asked for help from Industrial Control Solutions, Inc. The renowned Vandenberg Air Force Base in California called to ICS, Inc to help with their Lockheed Martin WAIMU communication board repairs. This was difficult job, but we were up to the task and communication equipment was repaired.

Vandenberg Air Force Base personnel were looking forward to receive the repaired electronic parts ASAP, so they even supplied us with extra board to use for spare parts. A different company, which attempted the job before us, was unsuccessful in repairing these boards.

Spare parts are not usually available when working with this type of equipment. We did not destroy board which was given us for parts; to surprise of Vandenberg’s Air Force base personnel, we were able to restore and repair it.

Now we are shipping four repaired boards instead of three to Vandenberg AFB in California.