New! Encoder Test Meter


encoder test meter display

In 2016 ICS, Inc designed the Encoder Test Meter (ICS Inc. Part# 0745-2017). This tool is used  to test a variety of position encoders. Designed for factory maintenance personnel, it excels in its purpose to troubleshoot machinery problems. Here is some information on how it does just that: 

Problem Troubleshooting: 

By using the ICS 0745-2017 Encoder Test Meter, your maintenance crew will easily troubleshoot problems on most machines. This eliminates the need to remove the servo-motor from your machinery, removing steps from your processes. A few examples of detectable problems include:

  • Motor losing position
  • Tool changer not functioning properly
  • Communication alarms
  • Overload

Our Youtube page demonstrates how this product works and allows you to see it in action!

The Encoder Test Meter will help your company to avoid unnecessary shipments of electrical motors to repair companies due to encoder problems. By detecting these error proactively, you can save both time and money. 

After diagnosing the issue, your maintenance personnel will be able to get the machines up and running smoothly again. Additionally, we also offer a variety of adapters. This allows you to connect the ICS 0745-2017 to a wide variety of different types of linear encoders.


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