Ukrainian Migrants & ICS

peace sign in blue and yellow, the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

Ukrainian migrants make up a significant portion of our team, including one of our owners. This means that many of our engineers have been personally affected by the war. The more than year-long attack on the country brought chaos, as well as upending countless lives and creating a new group of refugees. However, we have also seen a heartening display of solidarity and unity among those most effected. We have also witnessed our country and others spring into action, helping those who escaped. At ICS, we are doing what we can to contribute.

We are happy and relieved that family members of two of our employees have safely arrived in the US. As they adjust to life in a new country, we are doing everything within our power to ease the transition. We have permitted as much time off as necessary for our employees to help their relatives navigate various immigration-related appointments. Where applicable, we have offered jobs. Once they qualify, they will be eligible for our company benefits package. Additionally, we’ve assisted them with finding doctors and other tasks in setting up a new life.

Luba, our co-owner, has made significant efforts in her personal time to assist Ukrainian migrants and their families in escaping and eventually migrating to the US. Since their arrival, she has helped with their travel, documentation process, housing, and more. Although they hope to return to their country once it is safe to do so, Luba has been making them feel welcome and at home in a foreign place.

The war is a tragedy, and we hope that the two countries can find peace soon. While it goes on, it continues to unnecessarily disrupt and destroy lives. In the meantime, we are proud to have been able to do our part within our community and will continue to find ways to do more.